Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parental Involvement in Education

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Why Canadian students are among the globe's smartest
Published in the Globe and Mail (August 23, 2013)

The article entitled “Why Canadian students are among the globe’s smartest” (August 23, 2013), correctly reports OECD evidence demonstrating the lack of relationship between a handful of common parent activities in schools and student achievement. However, the article draws the sweeping and incorrect conclusion that “Parental involvement in schools appears to result in lower test scores, not higher ones.” Parent involvement in school occurs both in the school and in the home. The evidence about parental involvement is more nuanced than the article conveys.

The evidence concerning parental involvement with school in the home context indicates that parents make significant contributions to the success of their children at school when they engage in practices of the following kinds: reading to their children, communicating high expectations and aspirations for their children’s success at school, providing access to school- related social and intellectual resources, talking frequently with their children about school-related issues, and promoting their children’s critical thinking. 

Considerable evidence also indicates that parents are better able to do these things when they involve themselves in the school for the purpose of communicating with teachers about their children’s challenges and progress, and learning about the school’s curriculum, the language of schooling and the opportunities available to their children through the school.

Thus, while some forms of parental involvement in schools have little to do with student learning, others are quite critical to such learning. It is a disservice to parents to categorically conclude that there is an adverse relationship between their involvement and school performance.

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