Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Editor’s Note: Why violence has declined

By John Macfarlane
Published in The Walrus
May 2012
In the May Editor’s Note John McFarlane puts public schools in the category of things that people think may be getting worse over time.  To be fair, he freely admits that this may simply be nostalgia and that one should reserve judgment unless one has real evidence.  The Facts in Education team ( was created precisely to ensure that media reports on education are factual and to provide evidence that will help people come to informed views.  Walrus readers might like to know that a great deal of international evidence shows that Canadian students are among the best educated in the world.  While real challenges remain in public schools, and we should never feel that our education system is as good as it can be, the evidence strongly suggests that we are educating more students to higher levels than ever before, and doing it better than most other countries.  Please consult our website for evidence for this claim.


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